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Wednesday, 24 June 2009 12:58
During the past two weeks we have been hosts to two Malaysian Headteachers. Our guests were participating in the Vision 2020 programme aimed at making Malaysia a world power by 2020. The Malaysian Ministry of Education works with Kings College London to train the country’s top Headteachers as they see schools in England as having some of the best leadership in the world.

Kings College chose Archbishop Lanfranc for the second year running to be one of a select group of schools to be involved in the scheme. We have two more visitors over the next two weeks.

You can find out more about the project by following the link:

Program Jom Masuk Kampung Samura ke SK Sri Jaya,Jementah Johor. - Build a Slideshow Pada 10-12Julai 2009, Unit Bimbingan Kaunseling (UBK) Samura telah meneruskan program Jom Masuk Kampung Ke SK Sri jaya, Jementah.Program kali kedua ini adalah merupakan satu usaha memasyarakatkan Samura dan persekitarannya disamping membantu memberikan motivasi kepada bakal calon-calon UPSR 2009 di sekolah tersebut.Seramai 30 orang pelajar telah mengikuti program ini dan mendapat keluarga angkat masing-masing. Mr rem: Jom masuk kampung!

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Program Pengantarabangsaan : Ke Negeri China 8-12 Jun 2009

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